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Southbound                           M. MANIAK & WOLFGANG STEGBAUER (MC 1977)

Train of Thoughts                   MANO MANIAK & BERND KAISER (LP 1978)

Best of                                    THE SPICE (CD 1984)

Try it, feel it, dance it              VISA (CD 1985)

Blues Attraction                       LIVE IM FEIERWERK (CD 1993)

Blues in my Bones                   MANO MANIAK & THE BACKBONES (CD 1994)

Rembetiko Blues                      REMBETIKO BLUES TRIO (CD 1996)

Musica Hispanica                      MARIA PILAR & MANO MANIAK (CD 1997)

Country Blues from Munich      BLUESSAMPLER (CD 1999)

Down in Manh                           FREEMAN (CD 2002)

Live in der Krähenhöhle           MANO MANIAK & HUBERT HOFHERR (CD 2003)

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